About us

JSC "Pro-Haus" is an actively developing company. By its activities, intense and fluent conduct of work it seeks to become one of the most stable and promising company in the field of construction management and design. For our current and future customers we seek and will always seek to meet our clients' expectations to be the most innovative, producing the highest quality and the most professional construction management and design company for them.

The main activities of the company are construction projects‘ realization from the very beginning to the end. i.e.:

  • selection of the site;
  • design task preparation;
  • design;
  • budget formulation;
  • selection of the most economical solutions;
  • maintenance;
  • organising construction and general equipment;
  • independent consultations;
  • alignments with government authority.

We hope and always seek that the cooperation with our company will ensure full implementation of customer‘s expectations and after our work is done both sides will always remain satisfied and the client will receive the result the way he expected. And, of course, we hope that our customers receive the result which will not only satisfy their needs but also exceed their expectations.

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